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We are a full-service advertising agency with print, web, digital and audio/visual capabilities. Whenever possible, we see our projects from concept and design development through production and post-production, but we readily provide any combination of services. No matter how large or small the assignment, we bring our highly-developed knowledge of ethnic consumer behavior, command of branding strategies, and creativity to all our work to achieve the all-important image or message that conveys the dynamic essence of our clients. Whether it is African American media buying, Hispanic media buying, or other ethnic media buying, we deliver consumers and create demand for your product.
ethnographic market research
ethnic focus groups
ethnic marketing consulting
post-production (print + motion)
ethnic radio advertising
ethnic tv advertising
ethnic internet advertising
ethnic media buying
ethnic marketing
corporate identity
graphic design
media planning
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Media Made Simple I - an African-American owned advertising agency specializing in diversity advertising
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