Loyalty means more than “customer satisfaction.”

In an industry where “ bigger is always better”, we recognize that the boldest or most comprehensive approach does not usually represent the best interests of our clients. We listen with care to what our clients have in mind – especially the intentions behind the advertising needs they express.  We communicate actively throughout the creative process to fit advertising solutions to desired results, never vice versa.

Founded in 2002 by a team that feels Advertising has become a cookie cutter business model, we work to simplify, yet personalize the process. Media Made Simple I has grown fast into a full-service agency with an array of repeat clients across a variety of industries. Our clientele ranges from small businesses to international corporations and includes retailers, publishers, law practices, education, banks, and health care.

We attribute our ongoing success to the principles of client loyalty, competitive vision, and personal investment, which we strive to achieve with each project, no matter how large or small.

Media Made Simple I - an African-American owned advertising agency specializing in diversity advertising
East Austin, Texas